“Do Christmas a Favor”




This page will outline four stories, in which the overall theme is that of love and family, and performing small gestures to make the lives of the people around us, just a little bit more joyful during the holidays.

The stories will predominantly be shot indoors, at night, to give the warm cosy feeling that surrounds the holidays. Warm orange lights with hints of blue will create a cinematic look, and a slow paced atmosphere in each story will create suspense and intrigue.

The use of interior shots is both a stylistic and practical choice (see moodboard) as they can be filmed at any time of year and do not require snow. Snow can be added in windows or in some exterior shots later to set the mood. Most exterior shots - which will mainly be rainy or autumnal - will be carried out later in the year and closer to December. The main shots can be executed much sooner if needed.

The idea is to pull on those heartstrings and create heartfelt moments that people relate to, and for them to begin associating those moments with Fairfax & Favor during Christmas time.

The stories described in this are not final and are, at this point, examples to help set the tone. If chosen they will be worked on and enhanced.




As mentioned previously, this campaign will consist of four individual stories, each highlighting the people in your life that you should keep in mind this year. Each story centers around relationships; a couple, family, best friends and the last one, the relationship with yourself.

Within each of the relationships in the campaign, the people involved are unable to be with each other over Christmas and decide to surprise each other with F&F gifts, despite the distance between them.

The message after each video fades from “This Christmas Do _____ a Favor”  to the Fairfax and Favor logo with Favor staying behind from the previous sentence. 

The blank, when filled, out relates to each story; love, friendship, and family, until the last video - when there is an unexpected twist.

The campaign can be carried out over the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

All four stories can be placed into one movie that cuts between each of them and reveals the messages at the end, which change to fit each scene portrayed and then finally reveal the twist.



Chapter 01:

The first story shows a young woman in the days leading up to Christmas.

In an early scene she says goodbye to her husband, his hands full of bags (one of them being the Cadogan travel bag), indicating that he will be gone for some time.

A calendar on the wall shows time passing and a note on the 23rd indicates that he will be home on that day.

We follow her daily routine as the days on the calendar are marked off, until around the 15th when she receives a text from him saying that he won’t be able to make it home for Christmas.

Now, the mood has changed. It is Christmas Eve, and her friend is dropping her off at home. This can be long and drawn out to emphasise the weight of this moment, and how she is dreading to enter the empty house.

The house is dark and cold. As she switches on the lights, she notices a box on the kitchen table. Opening the box, she finds a card with her name on it. Lifting the card, she spots an F&F product and smiles. She opens the card, it reads, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

Somewhat confused, she turns around inquisitively to find him standing in the doorway. The house now alight with warmth, as the music crescendos, they smile.

Text appears:
“This Christmas” fades to “Do Love A Favor” The rest of the sentence fades away and is replaced by “Fairfax and” as well as the F&F badge.



Chapter 02:

Stuck on a job somewhere a model (potentially JP) is having his photo taken in a Christmas setting.

As he starts to get visibly annoyed at each flash of the camera, he gestures for a break and heads to his dressing room. Sitting in front of the mirror, he longingly gazes at pictures of his family. Mustering up the courage to head back out, he takes a deep breath and turns around to find his wife and children standing there, with a gift.

“This Christmas” fades to “Do Family A Favor” The rest of the sentence fades away and is replaced by “Fairfax and” as well as the F&F badge.

While this doesn’t have to be JP, I thought he would be a good person to help illustrate the point.



Chapter 03:

A young student is working at a desk with a small Christmas tree, she gets a Skype call from her three best friends (there is music so no need for dialogue) and they’re laughing and having a great chat. Her friends inform her that they have left clues around her room for her to follow.

Following the clues, she is lead on a journey through her bedroom, until she eventually finds a box buried in laundry under her bed.

Uncovering the box reveals that it is a Fairfax & Favor box. She glances at her laptop and shares the moment with her friends.

“This Christmas” fades to “Do Friendship A Favor” The rest of the sentence fades away and is replaced by “Fairfax and” as well as the F&F badge.



Chapter 04:

A young woman is walking her dog through the dark and rainy streets of a small English town. The lights are reflected in the puddles between the cobblestones, as she heads into her cottage, which despite her living alone is decorated for Christmas. 

After drying off herself and her pup (obviously wearing the Fitzroy dog collar), she pours herself a glass of wine, lights the fire, and snuggles up on the couch. With her dog by her side, and her computer/iPad on her lap, it is revealed that she is on the F&F website and ordering herself some new products.

Looking over at her dog she decides to add a collar in a different colour for her.

Clicking to confirm her order, she smiles and has a sip of wine. Content with her purchase she smiles at the dog and lovingly strokes her as the text appears.

“This Christmas” fades to “Do Yourself A Favor” The rest of the sentence fades away and is replaced by “Fairfax and” as well as the F&F badge.




Each of these stories can stand alone, but together they “Do Christmas A Favor.”

They portray the feeling of love and friendship in multiple scenarios - that everyone can relate to - leading up to the climax, one of the most important relationships to nurture; that with yourself.

While funny and unexpected, it highlights something we often forget and will leave viewers with a smile.






Inspiration for tone

  1. Prada (Priorities of Love) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxy9RgUo1MY&t=1s
    Admittedly the main inspiration for this concept. This video best portrays the look, feel and overall tone I am aiming to achieve through this campaign.

  2. John Lewis (Elton John Lewis) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNbSgMEZ_Tw
    While we may not be able to get Sir Elton John to star in our campaigns, the feeling will be the same. The idea behind these videos is to illustrate the importance of the people in our lives and the small gestures we make to show our love. The significance of the piano in this story was not realised until much later in his life, and the impact was massive, yet a small gesture in the beginning. While F&F products don’t cost as much as pianos, it is the thought the emotion behind the gift that will be important to illustrate.

  3. Heathrow (Making it Home, Makes it Christmas) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5TkTj7Lqec
    Once again the message is the importance of the people in your life. This video merely shows the feeling I want to create with these videos.

  4. EMT/Elion - https://youtu.be/QcqMxBKN4Os?t=488
    I couldn’t find the original of this so it’s within a list of a bunch, feel free to watch all of them to get in the mood, but the one at this time (number 03) is the one I’m looking at.

    The colours, showing of time passing and the feeling of not being with someone we love over Christmas are the main things I’m looking at as inspiration for this shoot.

    All of these videos show the cinematic look I would like to have throughout this campaign and illustrate the feeling I want people to have when viewing them.